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  Vision Statement
Peering into the Future

The Supercentenarian Research Foundation (SRF) is a scientifically based, non-profit international organization that funds long term research into the factors controlling human aging in order to increase healthy human life span to the maximum extent possible. It will also serve as a think tank to illuminate factors involved in aging and longevity.

Initially the sponsored research will focus on diagnosing the causes and effects of morbidity and mortality down to the cellular and molecular level in those who are 110 years old or more. In addition our research will attempt to determine the genetic and physiologic characteristics of supercentenarians that have enabled them to overcome, delay, or escape the age-associated diseases that are the common causes of death of those who are unable to reach such an advanced age. Because nature has performed a human experiment in which only a few survive to extreme old age, examination of their genetics may reveal a common genotype that is not present in the general population. Study of siblings and children of supercentenarians will be performed concomitantly with that of their elderly relatives. As progress in research develops, successive stepwise investigation of younger groups will also be conducted. When the causes and effects of aging become clearer, research will be directed toward developing interventions to prevent, ameliorate, and reverse those effects.

The goal of the SRF is to contribute multi-hundred million dollars in grants for scientific research into the aging process within 10 years.

Throughout its existence the SRF will seek to further the cause of extension of healthy life span by cooperation with private, public, governmental, and commercial entities. Data collected will be made as widely available as possible. The combined effort of the Directors and officers of the SRF, members of the SRF, the scientific community, supercentenarians and their families, and the financial sponsors is absolutely essential to the success of the SRF. Acceptance by the public-at-large of the practical potential of significant extension of healthy human life is an important objective of the SRF.